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Saturday and Sundays during the run of each exhibition: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Special arrangements can be made for groups of five or more visitors and for guided tours for school groups.

Art Exhibitions: Fall 2012-Present

Preemptive Strike

May 2-30, 2013
Opening receptions with art and music from Asbury Park artists in Downtown Rahway!
All events are free & open to the public.

Locations to View Artwork - 6:30- 8:30pm
Arts Guild New Jersey (1670 Irving Street)
The Rahway Arts District Office (1591 Irving Street)
Windows on Irving Street (1591 Irving Street)

Featured Asbury Park artists include: Janice M. Ashby, Paul Bonelli, Joseph Borzotta, Richard Buntzen, Dennis Carroll, Doris China, David French, Megan Gale, Richard Hatter, Kevin Hinkle, Molly Johnson, Rande Johnson, Ruben A. Martinez, Anne Massoni, Billy Mecca, Joe Nicita, Michelle Parks, Andrew Pawlan, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Porkchop, Dave Scelfo, Patrick Schiavino, Katelyn Schuh, Jeffrey Seeds, Sara Stadtmiller, Lily Szabo, Scott Szegeski, John Viggiano, and Richard Zimmerman.

Locations For Music - 8:00- 10:30pm
Aria Bistro & Bar at Hotel Indigo (1 Carriage City Plaza)
The Rail House 1449 (1449 Irving Street)
The Waiting Room (66 East Cherry Street)
Flynn's Irish Pub & Steakhouse (1482 Main Street)

The musicians participating are: KJA and the Lonely Teardrop Band with special guest April Kelly, Melissa Chill, Ricky Barry, Arlan Feiles, Empire Escorts, Justin & Alina (Sibling Rivalry), Sofia Nicole, and Seapost (Renee Maskin & Colin Ryan).

ABOUT THE PREEMPTIVE STRIKE - When an attack or invasion is known to be imminent, a "defensive" policy often deployed is to attack the aggressors before they can perpetrate their invasion. This is the condition in which the Jersey Shore finds itself. Each summer the Shore experiences an onslaught of invaders from the north who overtake their beaches and thoroughfares. This is mostly due to the beaches in Northern New Jersey being unusable due to the pollution. In their defense, it should also be noted that the Shore beaches receive funding from the State of New Jersey and thus, belong to all the residents of New Jersey. And let us not forget that the Shore definitely benefits from the millions of dollars these tourists spend each summer.

But, while tourist are an important component of the Shore's economy, these BENNY's and Shoobies (as they are also known) are viewed in a different light by the Shore inhabitant, who often find them to be quite intolerable. They drive slow in the left lane, never use their blinkers, and cut you off without a second thought; they think they own the beach running around, kicking sand everywhere, and blasting their radios; they are obnoxiously loud in public and their children are even worse - especially in restaurants; and on top of this, they dress atrociously and often can be easily spotted as the ones wearing sox under their sandals.

Realizing that something needs to be done to meet this inevitable assault and try to "nip it in the bud", a group of artists from Asbury Park are planning to attack the north before this annual summer invasion can begins. Their plan is twofold - 1) to try to culturally civilize these northern hordes to make their visits to the shore more palatable, and 2) to keep them so busy looking at great art that they might forget their planned excursion.

Sometimes such a show of strength is necessary to foster a meaningful era of peace and cooperation. Perhaps Ronald Reagan recognized this when he decided to rename the MX missile "The Peacekeeper". It is our hope that this "Preemptive Strike" will act as just such a "show of strength" by making our neighbors to the north recognize the Jersey Shore as an area equally rich in cultural and artistic excellence. In addition to mutual respect, we intend this event to initiate future collaborative efforts that will promote all the arts in a united New Jersey.

Preemptive Strike! will remain on view at Arts Guild New Jersey until May 30, 2013.

Preemptive Strike

Left: Anne Leighton Massoni. Strangers In Irons 08.25.16:08:17. Archival Pigment Print. Center: David French. One, Two, Three and Then Some. Oil on Canvas. Right: Michelle Parks. Funhouse Bulbs in Light. Color Photographic Print.

The Other America

Curated by Ellen Denuto
March 24-April 18, 2013
Reception: Sunday, March 24, 1-4 PM. FREE. Light refreshments served.

Featured Artists: Ellen Denuto, Joseph G. Sabatino, James Kearns, Dan Fenelon, Gerald Slota, Bob Richardson, Willie Cole, Carmine Galasso, Donna Compton, Tom Francisco, Frank Aiello, Bill Blanchard, Allan Hunter Shoemake.

Other America  Other America

Designated light tamers and time keepers, photographers share the joy and burden of seeing what is invisible to the naked eye. While each photographer in this exhibition has enjoyed commercial success, personal projects feed the creativity often denied to us by clients. Photography became my voice at an early age, and I am most fulfilled when working on personal projects that somehow give voice to those who are not heard.

The intention of this exhibition is to give each of the artists involved the opportunity to explore an area of society that also moves or inspires them. Each photographer was selected for their insight and the integrity of their work, as well as their passion for their chosen subject.

The disparity in the perception and truth of what “America” is becomes more evident as we unquestioningly go through our days buying into what is presented as the American Dream.

The hidden hungry, homeless, handicapped are our neighbors- yet we turn a blind eye on this America. Their isolation and disconnection, lack of resources and respect leaves them with little hope for the future. In spite of these challenges, they continue living proudly or in quiet desperation. Through each photographer’s unique vision - we hope to create public awareness and new possibilities for The Other America.

Other America  Other America

BY THE BOOK: Artworks Inspired By Literature and the Bible

February 17-March 14, 2013
Reception: Sunday, February 17, 1-4 PM. FREE. Light refreshments served.

During the course of Western Art History there have been several ages when many of the great works of art produced were inspired by the Bible and stories were communicated to the masses through these artworks in the years before the advent of the printing press and the level of literacy permitted many people to read the stories directly from a printed volume. Certainly this is true during the Middle Ages and much of the Renaissance in Europe.

During the many years since then, great artists such as Rembrandt, William Blake (who not only illustrated Poems, but wrote them), Eugene Delacroix (in his drawings based on the plays of Shakespeare) and several other very notable masters were inspired to create visual artworks based on literature. The practice has continued to the present day. During the 70’s, Larry Rivers created a series of paintings based on the violence in Shakespeare’s dramatic plays. Picasso illustrated the poetry of Guilluame Apollinaire, and David Hockney in his early years created a series based on “the Blue Guitar” by the Egyptian poet Kefavy.

Certainly in earlier ages, the point of the great artworks was intended to illustrate stories and instruct the people about their literary source---the Bible. In later years the inspiration of the Bible and in other cases, plays or poetry was often to create a visual image corresponding to the ideas in the source material, while not serving as mere illustration of the source materials.

The BY THE BOOK exhibit at Arts Guild New Jersey brings together the varied artworks of seven artists who still find that literature---another art form----can serve as a stepping stone to the creation of complex visual works which can communicate much of the impression of their literary sources.

The Featured Artists are: Adel Gorgy, Siona Benjamin, Kenneth Kaplowitz, Lou Storey, Harriet Finck, Howard Lerner, Tracie Fracasso, Robert Eustace and Winston Young.

Community: Members/Faculty/Student Art Show

January 13 to February 7, 2013
Reception: Sunday, January 13, 1-4 PM. FREE. Light refreshments served.

Arts Guild New Jersey is proud to present CommUNITY to feature works by current members, recent students and some of the very talented art instructors who teach the classes we offer throughout the year.

The artworks cover a wide range in terms of style, medium and concept showing a great and diverse outpouring of artistic talent by the feature of artists. If you are interested in taking classes at AGNJ, this is a perfect opportunity to see the kind of work created by our teachers and the results of their instruction as reflected in the artwork produced by their recent students. Arts Guild NJ also has a good number of talented artist/members and, again, their skills are evident by the art shown in the CommUNITY exhibit.

Featured Artists: Natalie Addeo, Habi Coulibaly, Angelito David, Richard Earl, Darlene Foster, Janice Gossman, Alison Hooper, Raymond G. Horner Jr., Francesca Iannelli, Patti Jordan, Sheila R. Lenga, Arturo Morales, Eric Muise, Prapti Paul, Barri Rifkin, Vince Salvati, Anne Goffin Smith and Julian Tejera.

Toys & Toons: Artworks inspired by Toys and Cartoons and Comics or Cartoon Stylings

October 14 to November 8, 2012
Reception: Sunday, October 14, 1-4 PM. FREE. Light refreshments served.
An exhibition catalog is available at the Arts Guild for $15.00 per copy.

When we reach adult age the things of childhood are often left behind, yet many people hold on to the best of their early years through their life. As children most of us delighted in the holiday gifts of toys, and as ‘grown ups’ we can remember well the fun we had playing with those treasures. A train set, a favorite doll, an action figure or perhaps a game to occupy us with our friends. The artists selected to exhibit in TOYS AND TOONS are not focused on the nostalgic aspects of either cartoons/comics or toys. They are creating insightful, imaginative and often very humorous artworks using elements from popular culture that have become an increasingly significant part of the contemporary visual landscape.

Pop Art in the 60s used many of these elements as the hallmark of a style that commented on contemporary culture. Artists since then have often employed cartoon imagery or cartoon styling in the creation of ‘fine art’. Modern sculpture since the mobiles and stabiles of Alexander Calder have often had an element harkening back to the joys of childhood and the playful imaginations that allowed us to become so preoccupied with our toys, games and comic heroes. What child didn’t want to fly like Superman? Or swing from the buildings like Spiderman? How many hours were we absorbed in creating exciting fantasies or playing a favorite board game with neighborhood friends?

Most children growing up in the fifties and sixties flocked to their TVs each day to watch the many, many cartoon shows and the latest adventures of their favorite cartoon characters….and there were many. Comic books, likewise, long considered to be for kids only, have a huge audience of teens and adults who follow their heroes through the years.

Today, toys are associated and marketed with every new movie that comes to our theaters……, and each year there is a mad scramble to get the most popular toys of the season for the children. Movies also have found a new subject matter long associated with children, but apparently fondly followed by millions of adults as well. The current spate of high-tech ‘super hero movies’ and animated films have been enormously popular and each movie in the genre is eagerly awaited by children and adults alike around the world. All through the TOYS & TOONS exhibit visitors will bear witness to the delight we still find in imagination, playing and make-believe today.

Featured artists: Aric Calfee, Fred Cole, Sarah Chambers, Kevin Darmanie, Dan Fenelon, Daniel Genova, Dawn Gilmore, Mary Gorgy, Susan Evans Grove, Abby Levine, Barbara Lubliner, Jack Moore, Tom Nussbaum, Rocco Scary, D. Jack Solomon, Fran Beallor, Dan Piccolo and Howard Lerner.

WE ARE YOU/ Project International

September 9 - October 4, 2012
Reception: Sunday, September 9,1-4 PM. FREE. Light refreshments served.

As part of fall 2012’s “National Hispanic Heritage Celebration,” Arts Guild New Jersey will present an inspiring exhibition of contemporary Latino art entitled: WE ARE YOU PROJECT INTERNATIONAL. This insightful, thought-provoking exhibition, developed by We Are You Project, represents the first comprehensive, coast-to-coast, artistic overview of the current state of Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions in the 21st Century. The show sheds light on both alarming and promising conditions that presently surround and confront Ibero-Americans throughout the United States as well as Latin America.

Carlos Chávez, Trabajadores de la Tierra, 2011, oil on canvas, 14" x 42"Above: Carlos Chávez. Trabajadores de la Tierra, 2011. Oil on canvas, 14 x 42 inches.

This exhibit reveals both prescient Latino concerns as well as achievements, which are reflected in paintings, prints, and mixed-media works by thirty-five prominent, contemporary Hispanic artists, whose extensive transcultural and pan-Latino-heritage(s) can be traced to diverse Latin American nationalities, including Mexico, Puerto-Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal. Most importantly, each artist in the exhibit or their families have experienced the perspective of being an immigrant, refugee, a migrant, expatriate, or nomad, who gratefully found a new home in the United States, and where over the course of years, they have attained professional success by expressing in their visual art both their vision and unique personal story.

At the opening reception, Dr. Carlos Hernández, as well as Mr. Mario Tapia, two of the founders and leaders of the "We Are You Project” will speak about the Project’s future and its ground-breaking socio-cultural significance for all Latinos. In addition, Hiram Colon, the composer of the "We Are You" theme-song, will perform in collaboration with singer Sophia Angelica, of the Dora the Explorer television show.

Featured Artists: José Acosta, Efren Alvárez, Nelson Alvárez, Willie Báez, Josephine Barreiro, Hugo X. Bastidas, Monica S. Camin, Priscila De Carvalho, Jacqui Casale, Gerardo Castro, Pablo Caviedes, Carlos Chavez, Williams Coronado, Maritza Dávila, Rosario D'Rivera, Ricardo Fonseca, Fernando Goldoni, Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo, Roberto Marquez, Raphael Montañez Ortíz, Hugo Morales, Lisette Morel, Patricio Moreno Toro, Gabriel Navar, Julio Nazario, Jimmy Peña, Joe Peña, Duda Penteado, Mel Ramos, Rolando Reyna, Jesus Rivera, José Rodeiro, Marta Sanchez, Sergio Villamizar and Raúl Villarreal.

Roberto Márquez, Map of Mexico, 2011, oil on canvas, 30" x 24"       Duda Penteado, We Are You, 2005, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 24"       Monica S. Camin, One Side of the Tree, 2003, oil and photography on canvas, 36" x 24"
Left: Roberto Márquez. Map of Mexico, 2011. Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches. Center: Duda Penteado. We Are You, 2005. Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 24 inches. Right: Monica S. Camin, One Side of the Tree, 2003. Oil and photography on canvas, 36 x 24 inches.

The Gallery at Arts Guild New Jersey accepts and reviews work throughout the year as we search for artists for upcoming exhibits.

If you would like your artwork to be considered for exhibition PLEASE SUBMIT a CD with 10 to 20 Images (JPEG format saved at 300dpi and image size no larger than 8 inches X 10 inches.) Include a Current RESUME/BIO and a brief statement about your work. Works in ALL MEDIUMS ARE CONSIDERED. WORK in MANY mediums are included in each exhibit.

Almost all of our exhibits showcase emerging artists and focus often on the works of New Jersey artists in particular.

Almost all exhibits are GROUP SHOWS.

We Do Not exhibit pre-existing groups. We might be interested in seeing work from members of a group, but these would be accepted only on an individual basis for specific exhibits being planned at the time of submission of your artwork.

Please DO NOT send a wide variety of different kind of work. The more work in one medium that you submit, the better we will be able to determine the overall quality of your work and the visual ideas that concern you.

Send your CD and other information to: Arts Guild New Jersey 1670 Irving Street Rahway NJ 07065. PLEASE INCLUDE a Self addressed Stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of your CD if you would like it returned.

Our Executive Director serves as curator for several of our exhibits each year. Exhibits are planned by: MEDIUM or STYLE or GENRE OR by a THEME/IDEA.

We are almost always in search of art for shows that are tentatively planned for each upcoming year.

We invite several guests each year to curate exhibits for the Arts Guild Gallery. If you have a history of organizing exhibits for non-profit or museum spaces and have an idea/proposal for an exhibit which you would like to curate for us please send an abstract/proposal concept with names of any artists whom you expect to show and a CD of selected images. Address for Submitting Exhibit Proposal: Arts Guild New Jersey 1670 Irving Street Rahway NJ 07065. You can also email us at or call (732) 381-7511.

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