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Title Material / Media SizeĀ  YearĀ 
Michael Teters
Gen X
Encaustic , letrapress and oils on panel
12" x 12"
2b Peter Tilgner 2b 285b The Jade Trade Inkjet Print 18" x 24" 2015
3a Shoshana Kertesz 3a 286a Puzzled Oil on Canvas 30" x 24" 2015
4a Susan Holford 4a 289a Effervescent Atmosphere_Evening Song Mixed: collage papers, lumiere paint, acrylic, gold leaf 40" x 40" 2014
5a Victor Espinosa 5a 290a Sarimanok swirl 1 Mixed media- oil & acrylic on canvas 24"x 36" 2015
6 Larry Burditt 6 291a Gender Chess 3D Printer 19" x 19" x 6" 2016
7a Diana Balderson 7a 295a Spring Dew Mixed Media on Wood

12" x 12"


8a Stuart Hoberman 8a 297a Anemone Photograph 11" x 14" 2014
9b Dean Fiorellini 9b 300b 1993 Mixed Media 8"x6" 2016
12b Aubrie George 12b 305b In the shadows Mixed Media-Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, paper, wax 24"x18" 2016
15 MaryAnn L. Miller 15 310 FUBAR Artist's Book: Monoprints on Rives with Serigrapy/ covers wrapped in Combat Paper 12" x 48" x 15" opened 2016
16a Len Merlo 16a 311a Earth Warning: Extinct Species Specimens Acrylic and Collage on Canvas 18" x 32" 2015
17b Michael Weinbrecht 17b 312b Wasted Wood Repurposed Wood 23.5x23.5x33.5x23.5x3 2016
19b Stephan Sieg 19b 315b Vagaries Tin, Metal Filler, Paint 6.5"x5.5"x3.5" 2015
21a Nancy Karpf 21a 318a Laotian Falls Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 2016
22b Madison Berry 22b 319b Oyster Shell Ceramics 9 in. x 8 in. x 4 in. 2016
25b Lauren Schiller 25b 323b Meditation: Busy Mind oil/panel 10 inches x 8 inches 2016
26a Sueim Koo 26a 326a Beyond Visual Voices Mixed Media Collage 36" x 48" 2016
27a Seth Harris 27a 327a Going Out oil on canvas 24" x 36" 2016
28b Alfonzo Prieto 28b 330b Eunucos Acrylic 78x42 cm 2016
29c Laurie Pettine 29c 332c Homeland Insecurity System original cast resin sculpted forms,wood, fabric, plastic, working electronics and found objects 17" x 27" x 9" 2016
30a Michael Scherfen 30a 334a The Woodworker Watercolor 33"x19" 2015
31a Eva Marie Fitzsimmons 31a 336a Destination Acrylic on Gessobord 12 x 16 inches 2016
32a Paul Hitchen 32a 337a TrueBlue Acrylic on Canvas 36x24 2011
34a Ann Marie Fitzsimmons 34a 339a Waiting... Acrylic on Canvas 36x48 inches 2015
35 david eckman 35 341 Eckman_David_1.jpeg Acrylic 30"x40" 2015
36c Detlef Aderhold 36c 342c Es war einmal Acrylic Paint on Canvas 35 x 35 2015
37a Ron Brown 37a 343a Hudson Yards Construction Jan 1, 2016 Photography-Silver Gelatin Print 16 x 20 Framed 2016
38b Maryann Martin 38b 344b Blinded by the Light Photograph 29x25 2016
42a Eleni Litt 42a 348a Dark Beauty acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 2013
43a Nupur Nishith 43a 350a Vipasana Acrylic and ink on canvas 16 x 20 2016
44a Mary A McKay 44a 351a Falling Bethlehem Paper, Glass, Acrylic on Board 12x16 2015
45a Jesse Townsley 45a 352a The Branding of the Minotaur multimedia sculpture (coldworked glass mug, glass beads, clay, bronze, glue, paint) 6 x 7 x 4 in 2014
46b Florence Moonan 46b 354b Exposed venetian plaster, universal tints, graphite 16" x 16" x 2" 2015



Darlene Foster 48b 356b The Edge of Seventeen photography/montage 20x17 2016
49a Bob Ricciotti 49a 357a Street Art: Observation 1 Acrylic/Mixed Media 19" X 21" 2016
50a Jennifer Underwood 50a 359a Present Memory acrylic, paper, glass, ribbon and plastic figure on canvas 30" H x 24" W x 1-1/2" D 2016
51b Aneta Wegrzyn 51b 361b 10 days reflection on smoke and space oil, ink and resin on wooden panels, 20"X20"X8" 2015
54a Phyllis Gorsen 54a 364a Connectivity Acrylic on Canvases 46" x 36" 2015