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January:  Richard Earl
February:  Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
March:  Elissa Swanger
April:  Daniel Genova

May:  Al Vesselli
June:  Linda Aldrich
July:  Adel Khalaf
August:  Eva Marie Fitzsimmon

September:  Sarah Bass Aspe
October:  Francesca Azzara
November:  Kelly Schott
December:  Sheilagh Casey

About Artist of the Month - 2016

Arts Guild New Jersey is proudly announcing the winners of its Juried Competition: Artist of the Month. Twelve fine artists have been chosen who will participate in a group exhibition in the Spring of 2016. In addition, each artist will be featured on Arts Guild New Jersey’s website for one month over the course of a year. The website will include several images of their artwork, artist’s statement and current exhibit resume by selected artists. The Artist of the Month program will commence on the Arts Guild’s website in January, 2016.

The winners are:

  January: Richard Earl
  February: Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
  March: Elissa Swanger
  April: Daniel Genova
  May: Al Vesselli
  June: Linda Aldrich
  July: Adel Khalaf
  August: Eva Marie Fitzsimmons
  September: Sarah Bass Aspe
  October: Francesca Azzara
  November: Kelly Schott
  December: Sheilagh Casey

Check back every month to see each of the winning artists featured on
Arts Guild New Jersey’s Artist of the Month page!