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Some views of nature are simply so powerful and sculpturally rich as to resist conversion into the illusionistic. They require gestures equally large and physical to reproduce, not the actual scene, but your encounter of the scene. I strive to evoke the physical presence and emotional experience of extraordinary places. This takes me into three-dimensional and abstract forms.

I compose by manipulating paper or aluminum mesh into collages and wall reliefs. The various papers may be stained or painted. The aluminum mesh may be industrially coated or plain. The folds and creases of these materials, edges both torn and cut, and the real shadows and highlights the folds make and reflect – all of these replicate the forms and terrestrial forces of the planet’s creation. They are landscapes, but they are neither romantic nor sentimentalized. They seek to capture time and the elemental.

I return again and again to rock, fire, ice and water, nature’s most extreme instruments for shaping the Earth. Each time my approach is a little different. Each time I acquire a deeper sense of the Earth as a living, evolving wonder. I continue to explore these subjects ever hopeful that, this time, I will get it right, catch it whole.



Caves at Dunhuang #1
rice paper collage
22.5” x 28” x 1”; 2010


Caves at Dunhuang #2
rice paper collage
25” x 33.5"; 2010

3Caves at Dunhuang #3
rice paper collage
19.75” x 26” x 3”; 2010


Huangshan Trails
rice paper collage
37” x 51” x 1.5”; 2010


Trail Ascending
rice paper collage
26” x 20”; 2010

6Cascade #5
rice and rag paper relief
36.5” x 18.25” x 3”; 2011


Cascade #10
rice and rag paper relief
27” x 20.5” x 2.5”; 2011

8 Lava Burst
rice and rag paper collage
19.25” x 29.25”; 2014


Fissure Volcano
mixed media on rice paper
37” x 73”; 2014


aluminum mesh
10” x 10” x 3”; 2006


Volcano Aerial
aluminum mesh
38” x 22” x 4”; 2006


Karakoram Ice Field
mixed media on rice paper
37” x 73”; 2014

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