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January: Michael Benevenia
April: Sharon Heywarda aa
July: Patricia A. Bender

October: Cathleen Parra
February: Chiara Chandoha
May: Tania Sen
August: Susan Evans Grove
November: Bill Ross
March: Norma Greenwood
June: Raul Villarreal
September: Richard Buntzen
December: Linda Jacobs

Please read the "Exhibition Format and Responsibilities"completely, and then complete the ageement form below.


The exhibits at Arts Guild New Jersey are scheduled on a very tight timeline. As work from a concluding exhibit is picked up by the artists, works for the next show are being delivered and the exhibits are hung that day as soon as ALL artwork is delivered by the next group of artists.

Two-Dimensional works MUST be WIRED for hanging. Our main gallery walls are plaster so we use a Walker Rod Hanging System which makes hanging very simple and easy. As a result, we need WIRE on each wall piece----NOT corrugated hangers, wood blocks, or any other hanging apparatus. We prefer regular picture hanging wire----not plastic coated wire or other types of wire. We can also hang work from clips with fishing line attached to a brass ‘S’ hook.  Any need for alternative hanging MUST be discussed prior to art delivery days.

Works on paper should be appropriately matted and framed---under plexi----we prefer the plexi to regular glass.

We will have a PDF version of the card which we will send via email to each artist for distribution to each artists email lists.

We will provide a RECEPTION on the designated date and time. Artists are not expected to bring any food or drinks for this reception.

We will create a PRESS RELEASE for distribution to 60 or more New Jersey and NY newspapers and publications on our current media list. If you have a local paper to which we wish us to send the press release, please provide their contact info/email address. Press releases are now almost all sent by email. This must be done, in most cases about 1 month prior to the event in order to meet publishing deadlines.

SALES: The Arts Guild takes a 15% commission on all sales.

We have been working with MANY artists over the past 11 years and the schedule for the exhibits has worked extremely well for much of that time. We look forward to working with you on this exhibit and we thank you for you cooperation.


Exhibition Dates:   October 19 - November 13, 2014  
Art Delivery:   SATURDAY, October 11    10:30am
Reception:   SUNDAY, October 19    1 - 4PM
Art Pick-Up:   SATURDAY, November 15   10:00am

QUESTIONS / CONTACT INFORMATION: (732) 381-7511. email:
Arts Guild New Jersey is located at 1670 Irving Street Rahway NJ 07065