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January: Michael Benevenia
April: Sharon Heyward aa
July: Patricia A. Bender

October: Cathleen Parra
February: Chiara Chandoha
May: Tania Sen
August: Susan Evans Grove
November: Bill Ross
March: Norma Greenwood
June: Raul Villarreal
September: Richard Buntzen
December: Linda Jacobs



When I see light illuminating a building or a stairway, sneaking in from the side, articulating the texture of a wall or highlighting a detail, I want to reach out and touch it.  By capturing the movement of light and making it tangible, I seek to preserve the instant of visual delight.  

I am pulled in by the imprint of the human species, the interaction the buildings around us with nature, and the artistic process – these things attract me.  Others may capture the untouched landscape….my eye is drawn to the built environment, expressed in color, pattern, or often, in the defining clarity of black and white. 


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Kearny, New Jersey
digital photograph
12.5” x 16.5”, 2011

Millennium detail, London
digital photograph
10” x 12”, 2010

120 Wall, New York
digital photograph
 7.5” x 10”, 2012

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de Young, San Francisco
digital photograph
9.5” x 6.5”, 2008

Greenwood Gardens, Short Hills, New Jersey
digital photograph
8” x 10”, 2013

de Young abstract, San Francisco
digital photograph
 9.5” x 6.5”, 2008

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digital photograph
11” x 14”, 2009

Circle Line
digital photograph
 12” x 18”, 2012

digital photograph
11” x 14”, 2009

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Winter Light
digital photograph
11” x 14”, 2007

Early Evening Conversation
digital photograph
10” x 8”, 2012

Hot plate
digital photograph
10” x 8”, 2012

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