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July: Patricia A. Bender

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JUNE: Patricia A. Bender


“I cry because everything is so beautiful and so short.”

This statement by the writer Marina Keegan perfectly expresses why I photograph.  I am driven to capture the miraculous beauty of our brief time on this planet.  The camera is my license to explore the world.  The darkroom is my place to experiment and create my interpretation of what I have seen and experienced.  The final print is my presentation of the product of this creative process.

I do not try to capture accurate, realistic, representational images of what I find.  Rather, I am trying to create an image that will evoke an emotional response and, perhaps, if I am lucky, a feeling of déjà vu or memory for the viewer.  I want you to connect viscerally as much as visually with my work.

I shoot only with black and white film, and have recently begun to work with large format cameras in addition to my 35mm equipment.  While the rest of the photographic world is speeding up with digital technologies, I want to slow down my process.  All my work is small:  an 8x10 print would be large for me, because I want to pull you close to my images and create an intimate connection.  I produce my work as unique prints or in editions no larger than three.

The first six images shown here are from a recent, experimental series of landscapes I shot with paper negatives in my 4x5 inch camera.  With photographic paper as my negative I am able to make the texture of the paper part of the image, giving the picture a historical feel.  I also employ oxidization when printing the image to enhance its antique quality.

The final six images are samples from earlier bodies of my work.

Patricia A. Bender

1T 2T 3T

Untitled (paper negative 27)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
5”x4”, 2014

Untitled (paper negative 28)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
5”x4”, 2014

Untitled (paper negative 29)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
5”x4”  2014

4T 5T 6T

Untitled (paper negative 31)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
4”x5”   2014

Untitled (paper negative 32)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
4”x5”   2014

Untitled (paper negative 33)
oxidized gelatin silver contact print
4”x5”  2014

7T 8T 9T

Bystanders (1)
gelatin silver print
5.25”x3.5”  2011

Trace (1)
oxidized gelatin silver print
5.25”x3.5”  2013

gelatin silver print
3”x4.5”  2006

10T 11T 12T

Homestead Porch
gelatin silver print
4”x4”, 2013

Still (2013-1)
gelatin silver print
5.25”x3.5”  2013

Sacandaga Bay
gelatin, silver print
5.25”x3.5”  2013

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copyright 2014; All images are the sole property of Patricia A. Bender, and may not be used without prior written consent from the artist.